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Microsoft Data Platform MVP

Sometimes life brings us nice surprises. This time I’m surprised by Microsoft with the MVP award.

Yesterday in the afternoon I got an exciting message starting like this:


Wow! What a nice surprise! Microsoft has just awarded me with Data Platform MVP title. It’s not the first MVP award in career (it’s actually the fifth), but it’s the first one after I left Microsoft, and the first in the Data Platform (previous four were in SQL Server category).

Why am I surprised? Because you never know if they are going to award you ;-) All that is needed is passion, consequence, and… patience.

Why is this a signifficant achievement for me? Because there are not many MVPs around the world and locally in Poland. And because I joined a very unique community built around the program.

So with that, I’d like to thank everyone who felt I deserved to be awarded. I can’t wait to participate in discussions with MVP peers and Microsoft product groups!

If you are interested in Microsoft MVP program, visit its website: https://mvp.microsoft.com/.

If you want to meet Polish MVPs, and ex-MVPs, go here: http://msmvp.pl/.

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